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Who is Marliceia?
My name is Marliceia Chavers and I am the Curator and Creator of Lovestyle Blogging, which focuses on a practice of Self-Love, spreading love through legacy, and creating a life you absolutely LOVE!!! I hail from the Magic City of Birmingham, AL. I am a young and vivacious spirit, dreamer of all things impossible, black unicorn with a creative repertoire and an entrepreneurial edge. My life mainly consist of being an internal auditor by day, a writer and being the owner and lead artist at Marliceia Chavers Artistry at night and on the weekends. As I embark on this self-love journey, my goal is to help you, my lovies, navigate this thing called life in pursuit of being the most phenomenal you and creating a legacy through self-love and living a purpose driven life. My life has given me great experience and taught me invaluable lessons that I will now share with you. Although this is a period of rediscovery for me, why not heal ourselves and take this journey together? How? As we live, laugh, love, learn and explore, we will become the greatest version of ourselves. We will grow together as I take you on all of my travels and fun adventures as I learn from every aspect of culture that is experienced. You will experience creativity through my poetic expression and musicality that will hopefully inspire you to tap more into your creative side and produce something magical for you and others. As a former beauty columnist of Upgrade Magazine, local to Birmingham, and one of the lead makeup-artist for Birmingham’s premier fashion magazine, Belladonna Magazine; we will explore beauty and fashion from a more personal level that involves us creating our own beauty and image that reflects and outward showing of true self-love. No one is an expert at life, but we all can be an expert at living our best life. Welcome to this self-love journey. A phenomenal life awaits…
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